The entrepreneurial sector is witnessing many sudden changes and developments that may negatively affect the management of the operational process of any institution or organization, and predicting these sudden problems and seeking to solve or prevent them has become the best solution to maintain the stability of the operational process.
Therefore, NC has harnessed its expertise and team skills in order to provide powerful solutions and operational programs that help achieve your business goals

Our Services

Strategy management

NC Strategic Management Consultancy is a professional service that assists organizations in improving their performance and achieving strategic goals. We provide expertise in strategy development, problem-solving, organizational improvement, market analysis, change management, financial analysis, risk mitigation, and more. We work closely with clients, often specializing in specific industries, to offer external perspectives and tailored solutions to complex business challenges. We aim to enhance our clients' efficiency, competitiveness, and long-term success departments of the organization, providing them with a Competitive advantage in the market

Supply Chain Transformation

NC Supply Chain Transformation Consultancy specializes in improving an organization'ssupply chain operations. We analyze and optimize processes, integrate technology, reduce costs, manage risks, and enhance sustainability. We work closely with clients to streamline supply chain efficiency, resilience, and competitiveness, making it especially valuable in industries reliant on effective supply chain management.


NC Startup Management Consultancy offers specialized- guidance and support to early-stage companies and entrepreneurs. Services include business planning, market research, financial modeling, product development, operational efficiency, marketing, legal compliance, scaling strategies, mentorship, and networking. Its goal is to help startups navigate challenges and maximize their chances of success by providing expertise and resources.

Operational Excellence

Human Capital (HR) consultancy

Digital Transformation


S&OP, which stands for Sales and Operations Planning,is a comprehensive planning process that harmonizes dmand, supply, and financial planning within acompany's overall master planning. Its primary objectiveis to facili-tate executive decision-making by ensuring the approval of a viable and profitable material and financial

Haj and Omra

We help companies organizing hajj and Umra strategy operating modules, business models and financial models

Our Values


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of service and ethics, continually striving for excellence in all that we do.


We take full ownership of our work,delivering on ourcommitments with a strong sense of responsibility and accountability.


We believe in open and honest communication fostering trust with our clients and ensuring they are well-informed through out our partnership


We hold ourclients and employees inhigh regard,treating them with the utmost respect and demonstrating empathy in allinteractions.

Why NC ?


We are a team of highly qualified local and international consultants


We adopt a hands-on approach focused on implementation and results


We have international experience combined with regional experience


We provide flexible and cost-effective participation model


We provide customized and practical solutions for every customer

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